Best LG G2 Screen Protector

Although LG G2 cases will protect your lovely gadget body from drops and dents, you still need a screen a protector to guard it from cracks and damage. If you check the market right now, you'll find loads of screen protectors all claim to the best LG G2 screen protector, where in fact, they are not. In my opinion, a great device like Lg G2 deserve premium screen protector that can genuinely protect it from all kind of impacts. What is the point of buying a cheap protector that will never guard your screen when you need it to?

There are two types of Lg G2 screen protectors, one is the normal plastic type and the other is Tempered Glass. The latter is my favourite one, although it is more expensive, but it does provide the ultimate protection for such large display as  LG G2's one.

Unlike the normal plastic screen protector, Tempered Glass are made from chemically treated glass that has a rating of 8-9H on the scale of hardness to provide the ultimate protection from all kind of cracks, scratches and  drops as well as sporting high resistance against smudges and fingerprints.

#1 Spigen LG G2 Screen Protector

spigen ultra crystal screen protector

Spigen Ultra Crystal Screen Protector

Spigen Ultra Crystal screen protector for LG G2 is one of my favourite ones. It's made from premium silicone self-adhesive with a high quality anti-glare coated film finished with precise cut out to fit all LG G2 versions. One thing I would like to mention, Spigen designed the screen protector to be slightly smaller that the actual LG G2 screen size to avoid bubbling due to the the curved edges of the display. The Spigen Ultra Crystal is very protective thanks to the hard surface (3H) that can genuinely guard your lovely screen from scratches, smudge and fingerprints while not compromising the screen responsiveness and clarity. The Screen protector is on sale now for just $13.99 on Amazon

#2 Zeiss Pure LG G2 Screen Protector

screen protector for LG G2

Zeiss Screen Protector for LG G2

This precisely designed screen protector fits all LG G2 versions and provide optimal protections against daily wear and tear, scratches and cracks while offering an amazing clarity. The screen retains the original LG G2 touch sensitivity thanks to the HD Enhanced optical film which come with life time replacement warranty. The protector sports harness level 3 to resist even tough scratches and scuffs. The installation of the protector is extremely easy thanks to the special silicon adhesive which leaves no residue or bubble on the screen.

This LG G2 screen protector is available in 3 edition : Crystal Clear, Anti Shock and Oleophobic and it's now on sale for just $6.99 on Amazon.

#3 InvisibleShield for LG G2

invisibleshield for lg g2

InvisibleShield for LG G2

InvisibleShield is my favourite screen protector for LG G2 of all time. This screen protector is military graded that it has made from the same material used to protect military helicopter blades. That's why, no wonder that Zagg (the manufacturer) is offering life time guarantee for it. The protector is crystal clear transparent that you won't even feel or see it. Nonetheless, the protector is extremely protective and it's one of the few protectors out there that is Scratch Proof and Dust Proof. Zagg is proud to announce that it sold 65 Million screen protectors to it's worldwide customers. The protector come in two different variants: Original and High Definition with the option to have only front cover or front&back cover. I would like to emphasis on the fact that InvisibleShield does not protect the sides of the phone, so it's recommended to get a cover for LG G2 to guard it. Finally, the protector is only available on sale through Zagg's official websites for around $25.

#4 SUPERSHIELDZ Screen Protector for LG G2

lg g2 screen protector

LG G2 Screen Protector from SuperShield

This great HD LG G2 screen protector features High Definition transparency film that guarantees optimum resolution as well as real touch sensitivity that don't affect the original touch response. The protector has been precisely cut to perfectly fits all LG G2 versions. It's made of Japanese PET film to offer bubble-free experience thanks to the premium adhesive materials used. What's more interesting, the screen protector is finished with a Scratch Resistant coating to ensure maximum protection. Unlike other screen protector, this come in 6-pack so that you can replace them from time to time.  It also comes with a smoothing soft card and 2 cleaning cloths. The protector is now on sale of 83% off on Amazon making it just $2.49 for a limited time. So grab your self a bargain with this lifetime Replacements Warranty LG G2 Screen Protector.

#5 Tech Armor LG G2 Screen protector

tech armor screen protector for lg g2

Tech Armor Screen Protector for LG G2

Tech Armor screen protector is made of a premium high quality Japanese film that ensures 100% bubble-free experience. The protector is very transparent however, it delivers such a brilliant scratch and glare resistance. Also, the protector does very well in retaining the original touch screen response and clarity. With the use if self-adhesive film, the Tech Armor features easy installation as well as clean screen with no residue left after removal. The 3-pack package come with smoothing card, soft cloth and bubble removal tape. It's worth mentioning that all Tech Armor screen protectors come with life time replacement warranty against installation problem, scratched screen protector and as well as wear and tear. Price-wise, the screen protector is on sale for a competitive and affordable price of just $6.95 on Amazon.

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